The Benefits of Training at Different Gyms


By Eric Center

After almost two years of training at an all inclusive MMA gym (Xtreme Couture) I have realized something. As a fighter it is very important that you don’t stay stagnant, let me explain. I have had the blessing of learning the various aspect of MMA from some of the top instructors. Different trainers come to Xtreme Couture, share their craft and then move on to their next mission. The same goes with a lot of the professional fighters. Many come for their training camp and leave after their fight. Some come for months at a time before they leave. In my early days of fighting I would ask myself why so many trainers and fighters would come and go from Xtreme Couture like the seasons of the year. It was not until recently that I started to see the whole picture.

It’s all about stepping up your game. The martial arts like is water, forever changing with a constant ebb and flow.  Many fighters hit a ceiling when it comes to their training and the only way to break free is to change things up. A good example of this is Ricky Hatton. Ricky was with his trainer, Billy Graham, for 13 years winning  43 fights straight before losing his last 2 out of 3. Ricky knew it was time for a change so he dropped his long time trainer and picked up Mayweather Sr. Even as a future hall of famer, Ricky wanted to get a different perspective of his game and continue to grow.

For other fighters variety is the spice of life. Many fighters want to train with the best and be taught by the best. They will travel from camp to camp to do just this. Also, when a fighter has a weakness that he wants to tighten up, he will go to a camp or a trainer who is known for the specific area he is looking to improve.

As I prepare for my next fight August 22, it has dawned on me that I want more out of Jiu-Jitsu than what I have been getting. For this reason I have enrolled in Robert Drysdale’s Jiu-Jitsu school.  I’m not going to go into detail about Robert but just know he is a 100% certified bad ass. I got to learn from him briefly before he became one of the coaches on The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueria vs Team Mir. I feel that training at a pure Jiu-Jitsu school will increase this aspect of my training by leaps and bounds. It will also keep my head in a 100% pure Jiu-Jitsu mode without the distractions of a full blown MMA gym.

A down side of training at different gyms is the cost, both financially and when it comes to time. But if you are serious about your MMA career and have the time and money to spend, training at different gyms can open your eyes in a new way to the sport, causing you to see different situations in different ways ultimately adding to your arsenal of mental and physical weaponry.

My dream in life is to travel the world and train with the best: Hawaii with BJ Penn, Boston with Mark Delagrotte, Canada with GSP, Hollywood with Eddie Bravo, and of course New Mexico with Greg Jackson. At this stage of my life this is still a not a realistic option but I like to think that today I have started on a path of complete my dream.

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1 Response to “The Benefits of Training at Different Gyms”

  1. June 20, 2009 at 4:14 am

    great information in this post! Thanks for sharing =) cheers!

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