My Fight Result: Muay Thai and Boxing Amateur Exhibition Fights


Match Type: Boxing Exhibition

Opponent: Ryan Couture

Location: Xtreme Couture

Rules: 3 two minute rounds and hands only.

I went into last night expecting to have a Muay Thai fight but because of changes in the card I was moved to the main event against Ryan Couture who happens to be Randy Couture son. I have sparred with Ryan a few times in the past and each time he outworked me so I knew I was in for a battle. Randy was the ref for our match so you could imagine the pressure I was under but I was also inspired to be fighting in the same ring as the Coutures.

Round 1:  As soon as the bell rang I came out throwing a ton of punches, a little too many punches. I didn’t want to give Ryan a chance to work his magic on my face so I was very active. I jumped ahead of myself and I almost gassed out.  After the round was over my corner told be to relax a little and move more.

Round 2: My goal in the second round was to move more and attack the openings. Ryan took advantage of the fact that I was less active and landed a few good shots. He also did a really good job of cutting off the ring. The shots I landed this round were more accurate and the ones I landed in round one but I landed fewer of them.

Round 3: In the last round I was not as active as round one but I was more active than round two. There were some big shots landed by both Ryan and myself and all in all it was a great round.

When it was all said and done the night was very successful. All the fights were very entertaining and the sellout crowd at Xtreme Couture had a great time. The highlight of my night by far was getting my hand raised by Randy Couture which is something I will never forget

Eric vs Ryan 2Eric vs Ryan 1

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1 Response to “My Fight Result: Muay Thai and Boxing Amateur Exhibition Fights”

  1. July 27, 2009 at 11:57 pm

    OMG what an experience! You’d better post the video, I want to see!

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